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What is Norway’s Energy Future? Foredrag av Nick Butler

What is Norway’s Energy Future?

— Nick Butler gives away his best predictions

ONSDAG 23. Oktober, KL. 19.00 – 20.00

KÅKÅnomics 2019 offers the globe’s best foreign predictions on Norway’s Energy Future, when the Energy Commentator in Financial Times visits the festival. Nick Butler will be asking:

— What is the lifespan of Norway’s oil and gas resources?

— What are the options beyond that?

— Could Norway become a leading player in the energy transition?

— What are the key technologies and the essential preconditions for that to happen?

Nick Butler is visiting professor and chair of the Kings Policy Institute at Kings College London. He spent 29 years with BP, including five years as Group Vice President for Policy and Strategy Development at BP from 2002 to 2006. He has also served as Senior Policy Adviser at No 10, Chairman of the Centre for European Reform and Treasurer of the Fabian Society.

Nick Butler is an investor in, and an adviser to a number of companies and institutions in the energy business, and a member of the Strategic Advisory Council of Equinor (formerly Statoil).

Moderator: Siddhart Sareen, postdoctoral fellow, University of Bergen.

Host: Klaus Mohn, headmaster at University of Stavanger.

Nick Butler also participates in the conference «The Political Economy of Energy», with a speech and in a panel on «Natural gas: dead end or fuel of the future?»

To register for the main conference: https://www.kåkånomics.no/event/konferanse-the-political-economy-of-energy/

KÅKÅnomics 2019 består av ca 180 deltagere på ca. 80 arrangement og tema på 12-14 scener over fire dager i Stavanger sentrum. Hovedkonferansen i 2019 (torsdag 24 okt): «The Political Economy of Energy». Fagseminaret på HH UiS i 2019 (onsdag 23 okt): «Omstilling, ulikhet og uro».

Festivalpass og konferansebilletter kan allerede kjøpes på nettsidene våre: kåkånomics.no